Who Am I?

Nice to meet you! My name is Steve Whiteside PhD, and I’m an entrepreneur, a lifelong student, a strategic thinker, and a community leader. I have a passion for coaching and I want to help you get around the barriers that stand between you and success, but I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, first. As an successful entrepreneur with a solid academic background, I have all the qualifications you need!

I moved to Canada in 1989 and started by managerial and entrepreneurial life with CompuCollege, a Private College here in British Columbia, shortly thereafter. Under my direction, the company grew from $1.5M to over $12M in revenue in just over five years, and by the mid-90s CompuCollege was the leader in Private Post-Secondary Education in British Columbia. When CompuCollege was sold, I purchased a college called Academy of Learning and tripled its size in less than two years, using the same team that was onboard when I purchased it. I realized that if I let my team members dream and control their own destinies they would take greater ownership of their responsibilities, and I set of to apply that lesson to my next ventures.

Over the next six years I purchased three other colleges that were going out of business and turned them completely around, just by cultivating people and letting them be their best. One of these, Learn Tech Solutions, grew in size to become one of the largest companies in its grouping in less than a year. I didn’t do this by myself, of course: my teams did the hard work, but I kept their tanks full and their passions strong. Along the path I started several other successful companies as well, including Zappa Media Consultants, an advertising agency, and many others. I’ve both made and lost money along the way, and I understand the many different factors that go into corporate decision-making.

At around this time I felt an itch to learn more about leadership theory and what drives who we are, so I became a student at Royal Roads University, where I earned a Master’s in Leadership. I not only got to do my own research there, but also put the latest findings and theories from the academic world into practice in my own companies. It was such a powerful experience that I didn’t want to stop, so I completed my PhD in Human and Organizational Development at Fielding University in October of 2013. I’ll have my International Coaching Federation (IFC) Certification in 2012.

Though I have a wide body of additional community service and leadership experience as well, it is this combination of practical and academic experience that gives me a unique edge to coach. Like many coaches I can offer an independent set of eyes to analyze a situation, but as someone who has been at the top of multimillion-dollar business I also hold an invaluable insider understanding of what has to go into managerial decision making. Even better, I tailor my approach to each individual client to help bring out the answers you didn’t know you had to the questions that have been nagging for months (or sometimes years). It’s all about you, your potential, and your growth.

Now that we’re acquainted, check out Business Coach for more information on my coaching process, or you can always contact me to set up a consultation!

Steve Whiteside