Business Coach

Business Coach

You may be wondering if coaching would really work for you

And if so, how it would work for you to create the change you need in your professional career. It is something many of my clients wonder in the beginning, and it is something that I wondered in the beginning too!

To really get at the answer to this question, let us take a look at what coaching actually is:

“Coaching is a goal-oriented, solution-focused process in which the coach works with the [client] to help identify and construct possible solutions, delineate a range of goals and options, and then facilitate the development and enhancement of action plans to achieve those goals.”

— From Stober & Grant’s Evidence-Based Coaching Handbook:
Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients. 2006

Sounds like a lot, right? Don’t worry; it is deceptively simple. Essentially, my work as a coach revolves around you as my client. I take the time to understand all of the different dimensions of your behaviour as they relate to the professional problems you have identified (or are having trouble identifying), and then I work to facilitate a process in which we focus on actionable solutions that will fully and permanently solve those problems. If it seems like there are multiple different ways to address those problems, I will work with you to weigh your options and find the ones that are best for you.

The specific ways in which we accomplish that can vary widely, and we will only discover that when we start working together, However, one constant in my approach is that I always adhere to the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core competencies, which can be broken down into four primary categories:

Setting the Foundation

I understand coaching ethics and standards, and you and I will agree about the nature of our interaction and the coaching process.

Co-Creating the Relationship

I will create a safe and supportive environment of mutual respect and trust, and will keep our relationship open, flexible, and moving forward.

Communicating Effectively

I will actively ask questions and closely listen to your answers to create two-way communication that will have a positive effect.

Facilitating Results

I will integrate multiple sources of information to help you gain awareness, create opportunities for ongoing learning, maintain our agenda to reach your goals, and leave responsibility to my clients to take action.

(To learn more about the International Coach Federation Competencies, click here)

As you can see, the ICF competencies lay out a pretty clear map for us to follow in order to maximize your growth, but there is still plenty of room for variation based upon what we learn during our time together. Think of it this way: the ICF competencies tell us which highway we want to get on, but we will decide which towns we want to stop off at.

That being said, the big take away is that I work with you to reach your goals and overcome your obstacles, but it is you who puts the plan into action and makes it all happen. I will be here to guide you, but I respect your capability too much to hold your hand. 

My goal is to help you put the pieces together and realize that you have everything you need to solve problems in your professional life. My goal is not only to help you achieve your goals, but to change the behaviours that will support you well into the future. In other words, I am there to help you grow. When you and I are finished, I want you to walk away from our meetings feeling empowered to tackle the challenges in your career, both now and in years to come. I am not there to provide quick fixes or easy answers, I am there to provide you with skills and tools to move forward with. Coaching works because you learn from the process and grow as a person and as a professional, and you walk away confident and better equipped to handle future challenges.

“Coaching is above all about human growth and change.”

— From Stober & Grant’s Evidence-Based Coaching Handbook:
Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients. 2006


Coaching doesn’t just work; it pays. Many studies have shown the increased self-awareness and self-understanding that coached professionals get is tied directly to professional success, and that makes perfect sense if you think about it. When you sit down with me, we will work to make your goals, assumptions, and attitudes more explicit so that we both get a full picture of you as a person. That does not just help our process, it helps you: it is much easier to reach your goals when you know exactly what they are and how your thought processes tend to move you toward them.

Of course the easiest way to prove to you that coaching works is to sit down with me for an appointment, so why not give it a shot? Contact me today for a consultation and see what we can put together. Remember, my sessions are all about you, and you direct the content of what we work on, so the only thing you have to lose are ineffective habits and unproductive thought processes. Give it a try, and I promise you will be thankful you did.

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